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  • Blog Tweeking

    I got the header up YAY!  Now this IS my picture I am proud to say lol! I am usually so incredibly indecisive about whatever I make for templates but I love this pic and the expression on her face but a close up isn't usually what I put up, just the full pic, so this was great opportunity to show her details off.  I am very happy with how the template is going, now for the Features section! This could take a while....
  • YAAAY!!!!

    I'm so excited! I have almost got this the way I want it.  Still having a couple of minor issues.  I need to change the main picture header as it is not mine, fill the features tab with stuff because those are also not mine (I wish lol), and figure out how to fix the Latest tab so stuff actually shows up there.  I am happy with it so far though as it is super cute!  If anyone sees this and knows a little something, feel free to offer up suggestions as I need a bit of help at this point. I really wish I understood javascript. 
  • Uuuuuugh!


    So, my beautiful template that I super loved looked horrid in IE so I had to scrap it.  :(  *le sigh*  I am now looking for another one and this is super hard.  So excuse me for an ever-changing design and the disorder as I try to work this out.  It seems every time I find a template I like I either can't alter it to what I want or something is messed up. I really need some help and have been avidly looking up info but not much seems to be working at this time.  Hopefully I can get it together soon.  I wish I was better at CSS so I could just build one myself but I am not that well versed in it to get anything that I really want.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  Back to it...
  • I finally found it!


    This has been a really hard task for me to find time for but I finally did it!  I was searching and searching for a template for a blog that really super liked and I finally found one!  It's kind of hard for me for some reason being artistic to find things that I really like.  I am grateful to all the people out there who post templates for free, they are a lot of work.

    I would like to note that I really wanted a blog to accompany my website as I do so many different creative hobbies that I would really like to share with others.  I feel this is a great way to do it and I really hope to get some pics and stuff up for my different pages soon.  Please be patient with me as I work everything out.  I'm new to this and still adjusting this template a bit but I hope to have things sorted soon.
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