• Relaxing Mother's Day Doodle

    It's been a good day and I had some time to relax. I started to doodle and came up with this. It turned out really nice so I wanted to share.  She kind of looks sleepy instead of looking up. I need to fix that.  I will prolly color it but am deciding on how right now.  It seems as if this would be good as a watercolor.  What do you think?

  • Another Template..


    Trying out another template...

    I love this blogger template but the more I think about what I would like to do with it and prepare some things, I am not sure it is going to work how I wanted to.  I realized I do not just want to use this blog for are and also may change the name as well.  I often think about things for a while before I implement them, and this is one of those things.  I spent a lot of time figuring out how to customize this template and getting it just how I like so I feel like kicking myself right now. I want to tell myself to just be happy with this and accept it but it is not happening.  So forgive me again for causing mayhem but I will be uploading and reuploading templates and seeing how I can tweek them.  Bear with me and I will bear with myself lol.
  • Uuurgh....


    I have wanted to get some work done and more interesting posts but no such luck so far.  Not been feeling well at all and had some unexpected obligations come up.  It always seems I get almost done and something prevents me.  Such is life I guess, but it is getting annoying...
  • Blog Tweeking

    I got the header up YAY!  Now this IS my picture I am proud to say lol! I am usually so incredibly indecisive about whatever I make for templates but I love this pic and the expression on her face but a close up isn't usually what I put up, just the full pic, so this was great opportunity to show her details off.  I am very happy with how the template is going, now for the Features section! This could take a while....
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